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I pride myself on my professional approach to work and capturing the highest quality pictures. I have no problem giving or taking direction and enjoy working as part of larger teams or directly with clients.


Based in London, UK, and an Australian passport holder, my broadcast and commercial work has allowed me to travel the world - from the snowy mountains of Greenland to bustling Liberian city streets. I have a real passion for life and love exploring the globe to witness how other people from different cultures live and think.


As a cameraman, I have been privileged to witness situations you might never otherwise encounter, and I thrive on the challenge of filming in diverse locations.


I have an easy going nature and good sense of humour and relish the variety of people I am fortunate enough to work with. 



Liam Adam


UK PfCO CAA Drone Pilot

+44 (0) 7930 143545

Based in London, UK.

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